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As a certified Triple P Parenting coach Cheryl's passion is working in private counsel.  Cheryl offers in office sessions, telephone, and Skype appointments.  Clients are encouraged to email Cheryl throughout the week to receive ongoing support until the next scheduled appointment. Cheryl also gives weekly parenting classes and workshops.  Cheryl sits on the advisory board and serves as a family mentor at Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Center.

Meet Cheryl:

As a teenager my friends always called me the "dr." I was the go to person if they wanted to talk or had a problem.  Helping others understand themselves and resolving their inner conflict was my passion! My mother passed away when I was 20 Yrs. old leaving me to care for my two younger brothers.  I thought I knew it all.  Being a "mom" proved to be simple to my 6yr old and 14 yr old brothers, until I  became a mom myself!  Suddenly I didn't know anything.  Is the baby tired, hungry, why can't I calm him?  I had always promised myself | would be the "Best Mom".  Never  would I scream, criticize, or demean my child.  I had seen the damage and struggles "bad parenting" had caused others.  But what should I do when I felt out of control, frustrated, or irritated?

The desire to be a calm, loving, compassionate mom drove me to learn and study the techniques I share with you and help implement  to empower you to be a calm, confidant, loving mom.

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