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 If your child is Nagging, Whining, Overly silly, Interrupting,Constantly Complaining, or Disturbing they may be seeking attention.  If you are feeling frustrated or annoyed with your child this is an indication your child is involved in Attention seeking Behaviors. Try to give positive attention to the child so that they don’t have to elicit negative attention.



Positive attention does not have to require a lot of your time, it’s simply a gesture that lets your child know you notice them and are thinking of them.

For Example:

Comment on how nicely they are coloring, playing, or building.

Stroke their back or cheek as you walk by 

Give them a high five or a thumbs up

Give them a wink or a silly face

Notice what they are doing right and comment

Be sure to spend 10 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with each child. This is a time for bonding and focusing on your child. Choose an activity you both enjoy set a timer for 10 minutes and enjoy each other’s company.  This is NOT a time for teaching, or lecturing. It is 10 minutes a day you are spending with your child with positive feelings. 

Negative Attention:Try not to give much attention to negative behaviors, negative attention is often a great reward to children.  Therefore it is important to give positive attention often and make it more rewarding then negative attention.  When you cannot safely ignore a negative action, be sure to remove the child from danger or into a calming place without giving him your negative emotion. Try to remain calm; a parent’s negative emotion can be a great reward. It is important to remain calm when giving negative attention and excited while dosing out the positive attention.

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