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“Discipline is not something we do to children, it is something we develop within them”

-Dr. Becky Bailey


Often parents find themselves yelling and screaming, using threats and punitive measures they never envisioned. This occurs when a parent lacks the skills or knowledge to know how to interpret and effectively respond to the behaviour. Many times parents have subconscious “scripts” running through their heads when they see a child’s misbehaviour they may think they are a failure as a parent, their child is “troubled”, or may blame another family member for the child’s behaviour.  When this occurs a parent can NOT effectively respond to the behaviour as their worry and fears of their subconscious beliefs take over.

It is absolutely essential to know behaviour is the child’s means of communicating a need.   When one interprets the behaviour accurately and finds the underlying message behind the behaviour a parent will respond accordingly and the behaviour will quickly diminish.

It is my hope to empower you to accurately determine the message and to arm you with the necessary tools to effectively address the messages in your child’s behaviour. We will explore the most common messages; Physical needs, Attention, Power, Anger.  They may have special needs, anxiety, or a learning disability. If a child has low self-esteem or is insecure this will also manifest in misbehaviour.

Often parents find they lack skills in themselves and therefore have a hard time helping their child.   We cannot foster in our children what we don’t possess within ourselves.  In order to address and reduce sibling rivalry one needs to possess conflict resolution skills. Parents erupt into anger when they are lacking the skills necessary to guide their children.

This often leads a parent to embark upon their own personal journey of growth resulting in a beautiful outcome for the whole family. It is my greatest pleasure to provide some of the core principles on this site to get you started along your journey of self-discovery and Loving parenting.


I would be honored and privileged to work with you and help navigate you along your journey.  Please fill out the form below and write a brief summary of the behaviour you would like addressed.

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