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"Cheryl  has not only impacted me as a wife and mother but has also impacted my relationship with myself.

Thank  you Cheryl!"

– Esther G.



“you are the best thing that has happened in my life!  I could not have found a better friend/ teacher for me.  you have helped me emotionally,spiritually, and intellectually.  your have made a huge difference in my home.  my mood is calmer.  the best things I have added are bedtime fun, allowance, & more jobs. I hope I will survive a whole summer without you.   I can’t wait until next year, I really look forward to tuesday nights”

– Elana S.


Cheryl’s coaching has improved my household  and given me tools to handle difficult situations, it has helped me work on myself to be a better parent.  Mrs. Ishakis’s dedication to the class and her clients  is amazing and she is really there for you to help you in any situation,  her class is a must for all parents and everyone can benefit from it,  parenting is an ongoing journey of growth and this class has given me so much direction….

– Miriam H.


What I enjoyed so much about Cheryl  was her candid and open way of discussing issues that we all face but often face alone. Many of us think that we are the ONLY ones who have a particular issue. Cheryl has a way of bringing  up these issues and helping with solutions while creating an environment for participants to learn from each other’s experiences a well.”

– Maria T.


“I learned so much from Cheryl .  She is easy to learn from because she doesn’t put herself on a pedestal.  She often cited issues that she has had with her children and how she solved or handled them.  She is fun to listen to in a class setting.  Cheryl reminds me of that friend that you want to have on speed-dial because she will always have good advice that works!”

– Deena M.

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